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Frequently Asked Questions

By CP, 08/12/22, 3:15PM CDT


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I have to attend Lubbock Cooper Schools to play?

A. You must either live in the Lubbock Cooper School District or go to school at a Lubbock Cooper School or Iive in or go to school at New Home ISD.   If you live in the Lubbock Cooper School District, but attend a Private School, then you are eligible.  Living outside of either school district but attending a private school in Lubbock Cooper ISD does NOT qualify.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum age to play?

A. Minimum of 5 and maximum of 12 as of September 1, 2022.

Q. Can Girls Play?

A. Absolutely, we encourage all who want to play to come out.

Q. Do I need equipment for grass drills?

A. Cleats are recommended but that is all.

Q. Does my child have to tryout to play?

A. Every child that signs up will be placed on a team. The grass drills are an evaluation period for the coaches. Players are selected in a draft format.

Q. What equipment will I as a parent be responsible for?

A. Tackle players will be responsible for providing footwear, helmet (preferably white but with supply chain issues get whatever color you can), shoulder pads, pants and any other protective gear. Touch will be responsible for providing whatever gear you wish for your player to wear. The league only provides a game Jersey.

Q. How many games will be played?

A. The regular season for the Touch Divisions is 8 games with the playoffs starting immediately thereafter. Touch division playoffs will include more teams starting this year.  Tackle Division will have a 7 game season. 

Q. When are games?

A. Games start Sunday, September 11th for Touch and are played each Sunday. Games will begin at 1:00 each Sunday. Schedules will be provided right after the draft is complete.  Tackle will begin league play on Sunday, September 18th.

Q. How many players are on a team?

A. Tackle teams vary between 15-18 players and touch teams vary between 8-11 players.

Q. Does my child have to have a physical?

A. Yes, physicals are due before your child participates in the first day of practice. Parents are responsible for making sure their child obtains a physical. Physical forms are located on the league website under “Downloadable Forms and Files” on the first page.

Q. Who officiates LCYFA?

A. LCYFA uses real Friday Night officials to work all games.

Q. How much do I need to know about football to become a coach?

A. In the touch divisions you just need to know the basics of football; running, throwing, catching, routes and basic defense. In tackle football coaches are required to be more knowledgeable and make sure they are practicing player safety at all times.

Q. I want my child to play but I am not sure I can afford to pay the fee?

A. LCYFA offers payment assistance. Please email for more information if cost is a concern.

Q. I have signed up but have not been contacted by anyone. When should I hear something? Should I be doing anything?

A. You will be contacted by your coach within a day of the draft on August 28th. You will not need to do anything until grass drills on August 28th.

Q. If I can’t attend grass drills will I still be able to play?

A. Absolutely, your name will be placed in a hat drawing and you will be placed on a team.

If you have a question that is not answered on here please direct it to